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Fine Dining Room Tables from Crosskeys Antiques

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Mahogany Dining Room Tables and Dining Room Furniture

The advent of mahogany furniture dates back to the Palladian period in England (around 1731) when architectural

classic styles gradually gained more importance than sculptural furniture. The dark and beautiful grained surface of mahogany

demanded less ornamentation; its importance and usage grew subsequently. Mahogany was an expensive wood, certainly

when compared to walnut, and was then imported from San Domingo and Cuba and became an obvious characteristic

of Mid-Georgian furniture. Mahogany is strong and tough and lends itself to fine and lively carvings and can also be cut into

fine dining room tables wide sheets and or veneer, with a fine grain or figured with a curl or flame. The Mid-Eighteenth

century saw mahogany come to the fore also on Rococo and particularly Chippendale design furniture. Imported mahogany

from the West Indies became the finest wood used. Also, in American furniture, cabinet-makers such as Thomas Affleck

and the influence of Chippendale designs led to a thriving furniture industry from the 1760's until the end of the century.

Up to current times, mahogany remains a much sought after wood for quality furniture making worldwide, especially in dining

room tables. Crosskeys Antiques carries the finest line of dining tables, with more dining tables expected to arrive this autumn.

Dining Room Furniture from Crosskeys Antiques

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